How to mine HOT token

If you mined HOT as my referral, I will topup NEAR for claim HOT and USDT for complete task
Click here to input your NEAR wallet address (nickname)
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  1. What is HOT token
  2. How to mine HOT
  3. Tips & Tricks to increase HOT mining speed

1. What is HOT token

HOT is a central piece for the NEAR ecosystem inside Telegram. Because of meta-transactions, using HOT lets you do real transactions on the blockchain, play games, and pay for transfers. It is the first FT that has the functionality of native L1 blockchain tokens.

In the future, HOT won't just work with NEAR Ecosystem. After something called Chain Abstraction starts in Q2 2024, you'll be able to use HOT to do transactions on Ethereum and other networks that are like Ethereum.

2. How to mine HOT

To start mining HOT, you only need a Telegram account. I'll show you step by step how to start mining HOT with Telegram.

Setup Telegram Near Wallet

  1. Click here to open telegram bot for create Near Wallet
  2. Click on "Start" button
  3. create here wallet for mining hot token
  4. Click on "Create new account" button
  5. create NEAR wallet for mining HOT tokens step 1
  6. Before click on "Create" button, remember your wallet address (Nickname), and backup your Seedphrase
  7. Wait for a while, your wallet will be ready
  8. There were several screen to show you what is HOT token, mining information, you can skip it
  9. The main screen of NEAR Wallet
  10. Click on "Claim" button to claim for first 0.01 HOT
  11. After your first claim, you need to wait 2 hours before you can harvest HOT again.
  12. To increase your mining speed, you should refer your friends to mine alongside you. Click on 'Friends,' then copy the referral link and share it with your friends.

3. Tips and Tricks to increase HOT mining speed